Thursday, 12 August 2010

Going places

So at the moment I'm coordinating between blogging, work, laziness and creating a website. The blog is the least of my concerns - at the moment it's like a diary nobody reads... but... we all know what killed the cat. I'm currently on the research side of my website, I'm looking at differ ant programmes, features and things to build the site around. I guess you could call it phase 1. I do not currently have an initial idea on what to base the website around but it's going to entertain rather then inform or provide. It will probably include popular topics and videos - perhaps even a forum. It's all early days (long nights though).

I have no tools what so ever at the moment so the designing  stages will take time, a damn amount of time. But hopefully once it all gets going (minimum phase 5 required) it will be a great addition and something I can enjoy looking after, updating and filling up as a hobby. Unlike this ******* blog.


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