Thursday, 12 August 2010

Getting used to that feel...

As a not so professional blogger it is hard to commit to such a task of constantly updating a blog - the factors that come it to it seem to send people away (from personal experience and viewing other blogs).
I find most people are put off blogging by the following:

1) They seem to get upset over the fact that they have no followers or readers and are not patient enough to actually continue a blog until they finally get some readers.

2) Topics - They have no idea what to write about, I wrote this post because I have no idea what to write about, you just have to speak (write) your mind, that's why I'm beginning with this almost pointless thought about new bloggers.

3) Being insecure or lacking confidence - maybe a bit harsh? But if I'm honest a lot of people are concerned what the readers will think if they talked about a boring, unfunny, lame topic. It's always a plus to have readers appreciating a blogger and the topics but to be concerned what others will think about your posts is just totally not necessary. Write what you want! **Follow the guidelines and code of conduct.

I think another concern is bloggers wanting a certain category or genre to focus on as a primary subject to their blog - As in - they want the blog to be focused on one topic (gaming for example) rather then changing different topics everyday and going from music to gaming to peanuts to whatever. I suppose there is a bit of truth to that - if you want an audience you have to stick to the topic which grabbed your audience, you can gain a gaming audience because of your 'pro MW2 camping technique' **Citation Needed and then later talk about Science and space.

I'm going to stop now because I'm thinking too deep and have just seen my neighbour bump into his front garden Wall with a Toyota ** Perhaps get picture **Get Picture

I think I will add a word of the day for each topic I post - 

Today's Word:  RAINBOW - Because why not.

Fairwell...for now... until I find another topic worth writing about.

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