Friday, 13 August 2010

Fire from above

Tonight I have been looking back and forth at the sky - as tonight is not just any night but it is in fact the night of the Perseid Meteor shower (or at least in  Britain and western Europe).
I have been lucky to be struck with clear weather, after a very cloudy week and nothing but rain we have been praised with a night of clear sky - Of course normal actions will continue the day after and I should probably expect heavy showers. Never mind though, it's all about now!
 Britain - Normal

 Apparently *and I quote* "Astronomers are expecting a dazzling light show with more than 60 shooting stars zipping across the sky every hour."  and "The Perseids reach a peak of activity tonight and will be most visible in Britain at 11pm, in areas where the skies are dark and cloud free." whereas I will see roughly 10 an hour and a lot of shut eye.

I'm quite lucky to be in a fairly unlit area which causes many, many terrible accidents and injury's - but I'm sure people even the score out by viewing the meteor showers in their casts and bandages. These types of areas always have cons and pros, just sometimes the cons out weigh the pros by... by alot....

Well that's it for now - I have to go back to meteor watching or sleep or whatever. See you around.

I guess it's 12:00 am so there should be a new word of the day - which is *thinkthinkthink*

Word of day: CAPTCHA - The only thing that does a good job at saving humans from bots.


  1. Sounds cool, wish I had seen that :o

  2. We had a meteor shower in Australia not that long ago, wasn't too eventful though.