Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Some Basic Recipes


As I said I would update this blog with a few recipes before moving on to other stuff. I have been quite busy the last couple of days so I could not update sooner which I apologize for. I have gathered quite a few followings now after researching into the blogging community which has turned out great - welcome to my blog those who have followed!

These Recipes are easily made and good to eat:

A simple Pasta:
A great thing for either lunch or dinner, easy to make and should not take long at all to make.
What you will need:
Pasta - Dried.
Water - and something to boil the water on.
Salt - Not needed but better to have some.
Tomato pasta sauce - The main ingredient :)
Spices/pepper - Again, if you have it, use it! Not needed though.
Cheese - Cheese can be grated and put on top of the pasta once made.

#1 Boil the dried pasta in your water, you can add salt later on or whenever you feel like it - just don't go over board. (Salt also boils the water faster as well as adding flavour)
#2 While waiting for the pasta to boil/cook start grating the cheese into fine 'lil slices or if you're not using cheese, prepare your sauce.
#3 Once the pasta is fully cooked you're going to want to drain it, tip the water out of put the pasta into a siv.
#4 Add the pasta onto a plate and tip the sauce on top, you can either stir or just add the sauce on top of the pasta pile. Add as much or as little sauce as you want, maybe you want to save some for a second meal.
#5 Add spices/pepper. This is just to add a bit of extra ZING to your dish, a minor step if you have the ingredients.
#6 Put the grated cheese on top of the pasta. Just get pinch fulls of the cheese and place it all over the sauce/pasta.
#7 Eat! And Enjoy.

##Edit: I'll add more later - I have to go suddenly as I have realised I'm very late. JEEZ, BYE!


  1. sounds tasty!

    come check out my crappy blog, it's a recipe for abortion

  2. omg why do i always see cool recipes when im super-hungry?

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  4. thanks for the recipe, keep it up..

  5. Great blog brother.

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  6. I make this all the time. It's cheap and yummi. I'll try your exact recipe the next time ^^

  7. i love food, lol.
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