Sunday, 29 August 2010

Some cheap student food tips.

Considering the amount of students about to enter College/Uni it would only be wise to post some cheap easy to make recipe's which are cheap for the budget.
Tips beforehand:
#1Buy in bulk - larger quantities of food which you will defiantly need will be best of buying in larger quantities, it’s usually cheaper and as long as you store it correctly it shouldn't go off.
#2Deals - look for deals in local super markets and other shops, sometimes they will put very cheap deals on just because they have too much stock or need to sell the stock quickly before the "best before" date runs out. This gives you a huge advantage and you will find some great deals.
#3Complain, it may be a weird thing to do or a bit horrible but it’s defiantly worth it, usually you can get discounts for items with dents in them or rips/unclear writing. This is a large advantage if you are really on the budget. #4Vouchers! Go onto the Internet and look for any vouchers possible - it’s very easy to find various vouchers and as long as you remember to use them it defiantly pays off.

Some key items you may want to look for when on the budget are: 
Rice and or pasta - these usually can be bought in small quantities or much larger more lasting quantities, they are often very cheap as well.
Cheap sauces - Sauces to go with the rice/pasta, these are usually tomato or a spicy flavour. Be warned though these sauces range from very cheap to expensive, make sure you check the pricing before.

Shop made food products - they may not taste as good, but buying shop owned food products rather than branded saves you so much money, in the UK you want to look out for things such as Sainsbury/Tesco/ASDA who will all sell their own products without any brands. Beans, rice, biscuits, drinks and so on can be all found and at great cheap prices.
Eggs/bread - these can be used as snacks or mainly for breakfast, eggs are very cheap usually and can be used for so much (i will add some recipes later) but mainly, boiled eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs with toast etc there are so many different things you can do with eggs and for the price it is worth it. You will need to look out for what bread you want to buy, some can be much more expensive than others so once again always check pricing before picking it up. The bread can be used for toast in the mornings for breakfast - something simple, quick and easy to make. 

Noodles - can be bought for lunch or dinner, noodles can come very, very cheap and are always a good choice for food. A huge amount of students will be eating 80% noodles as their diet. They are worth looking for and buying in local shops.

Farmers market: Look into the town to see if there is any farmer market or stalls on Sundays etc, these sell cheap ingredients that will be much fresher and better then supermarkets. Defiantly worth it if you put the research into it.

Water / squash - This (aside from alcohol) should be your primary drink at home. It is mega cheap, healthy, will get rid of hang overs and is something you will have to do when living as a student - you are not made of money so think intelligently. The water you can buy some flavours with it to give it - well - flavour. Things such as Ribena, orange etc. 

That’s all for now - I will post some recipe's later on which include these foods as well as different foods. Hope you enjoyed reading - leave a comment if you have an opinion or if you want to share any ideas/tips for Students. I just wrote this quickly so obviously there may be important things i am missing but at the moment I have something to do and will need to re-cover the subject later on. Thanks


  1. Nice post. As a college student living on my own I can emphasize with the need to save money of food. Looking forward to your recipes.

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  3. This will come in handy for my first college semester next year.

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  6. Awesome tips! I need to try this stuff out!

  7. another tip is bulgur
    google it
    its some sandpeoplefood
    but its sooo cheap, mega easy, and taste fantastic

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  10. very good informative post.

    even though this may seem like straight-forward info anyone should know, im sure many of us students find it helpful

  11. I think you may have saved my life with this post sir.